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About AnakApp

AnakApp is designed to digitise physical copy of Buku Rekod Kesihatan Bayi dan Kanak-kanak.
AnakApp aims to mitigate the common problem of losing valuable medical records. It helps parents to shed light on their baby’s vaccination history and anthropometry data, structure their information, and keep an eye on upcoming vaccinations.No matter where you are, as long as the phone is with you, your baby’s medical records are not far away.

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Doctor / Nurse Comment

View the notes and comments given by your assigned doctor or nurse.

Store_Antenatal _Biodata


To know the vaccinations taken by your children.



To know your children is in healthy

condition or bad condition.


Development Checklist

To know and check the development progress of your children.



To know and updated your children’s growth progress good or bad.




AnakApp is winner of MyHackathon. We are proud of our many accomplishments over the years.

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Frequently Asked Questions

As there are some parents busy in working, missed the time grows up together with their child so AnakApp is an app for the parents grows together with their child and store their child data.

Yes. The parents can have their own account. To get their child data, parents should scan one of their QR Code to request access the data of their children.

To check the condition of child’s poo either good or bad:

1. Child Page, scroll until it show the button of check poo poo now.
2. Click on the button, and take a picture of your child’s poo.
3. After take a picture, you will get the child’s poo result.

Get SIHATCoins for good actions performed in AnakApp, such as:

1. Get reward for taking care well of your child after get a good poo result.
2. Take vaccination for your child.
3. Read the article.

*Parents can exchange a range of baby product from AnakApp.*

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